Old Calculator for Windows
If you are one of these people who don't like the bigger, cumbersome calculator...
...the bigger, cumbersome calculator that comes with ...uninstall the default calculator. The program...
Bitcricket IP Calculator
Bitcricket IP Calculator is an IP Subnet Calculator for IPv4/v6, which calculates the subnets. You need to enter the IP address...
...follow visualization. IP subnet calculator has versions available for...
Moffsoft Calculator
Moffsoft Calculator can replace the calculator that is built in Windows as it includes a lot of other features...
...and product pricing calculations. The most ...although Moffsoft Calculator is shareware, there...
Smart Math Calculator
Runiter Company, Saeid Nourian
CalculatorSmart Math Calculator allows you to define variables and solve math equations...
...features a scientific calculator with commonly used ...start the calculator. Smart Math Calculator is a...
Numerology Calculator
C K Marketing Inc.
Numerology Calculator 3.4 is a useful application for people interested in Numerology. This software is able...
...complete solution for calculating the numerical ...Consonants. Numerology Calculator can also generate...
Calculator Prompter
Calculator Prompter is a tiny and useful application used to evaluate mathematical expressions...
...when you want the calculator screen to always show ...only issue with this calculator, is that it falls...
PG Calculator
PG Calculator is a wonderful scientific calculator that simulates a real one. It includes many of the functions...
...real ones. The calculator is very attractive and ...of taking your scientific calculator with you. With...
AVD Mass and Volume Calculator
AVLAN Design
AVD Mass and Volume Calculator is just the thing for measuring mathematics and physical...
...objects in 3-D. It calculates weight, volume and ma ...The process of calculation is quite simple:...
Vaisala Humidity Calculator
Vaisala Oyj
Vaisala Humidity Calculator is a free program that allows you to calculate several humidity parameters...
...that allows you to calculate several humidity parameters from...
Markosoft Interest Calculator
Markosoft Incorporated
Whether you're considering a new loan, or you need to keep track and work out payments, interest, or time schedules...
...Markosoft Interest Calculator program will ...Markosoft Interest Calculator to calculate your payments...
Machinist's Calculator
CNC Consulting
Machinist's Calculator can be used to perform various calculations on engineering...
...perform various calculations on engineering ...chord data calculations, dovetail calculations, etc...
AVD Weight and Volume Calculator
AVLAN Design
When we need conversions for some special weights and volumes for any kind of materials related to food...
...Weight and Volume Calculator is just the right ...forms. The process of calculation is quite simple:...
Stock Calculator
As its name clearly says, Stock Calculator is a tool meant to help you perform calculations...
...performing your stock calculations you can additionally ...features, Stock Calculator is also really...
Real Estate Calculator Suite
Wheatworks Software, LLC
Real Estate Calculator Suite is a set of useful tools developed to help people who are planning...
...suite: Quick Calculators, Downpayment Savings Calculator, a pop up calculator, a Mortgage Qualifier...
Photo Calculator
Douglas Software
If you require working with precise depth of field values based on the aperture of the lens you’re using...
...you need Photo Calculator, a tool designed ...before performing a new calculation. The program doesn’t...
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